Conference Polls

How can Magpi's data and messaging tools help you?

If you’re giving a presentation, it’s now possible to solicit feedback from audience members via their own mobile phones. You’ve probably already seen this at conferences, and now Magpi lets you incorporate it into your own presentations.

Magpi’s “iSMS” (interactive SMS data collection) feature now allows users to put together SMS-based conference polls in minutes.  Then you can use Magpi’s new Reports feature to  display the results in real-time in a browser (or in Powerpoint or Keynote) and project the results for your audience as they are voting!

All without programming or consultants, and just a few minutes to set up.

Here is a real-time example of a live Magpi visualization (hint: try clicking on a column to “drill down” into the data):

Read more about iSMS or watch the intro video.

Reports and Dashboards

Download Our Report and Dashboard Guide and Learn How to Use Magpi's Built-in Data Visualization and Reporting Features.

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