Solutions Mobile Data Collection & Communication Made Easy

Magpi brings the benefits of mobile data collection and messaging to life: Time savings, improved data quality, and affordable communication – anywhere on any device.

Simple Surveys for Any Mobile Device

Creating surveys is as easy as accessing a website or Magpi’s application; it’s that simple. No programming consultants, no special training, just a list of the questions you want to ask your audience. Question types include text, numbers, multiple choice, geo-location, and subforms – and can include both basic and advanced logic, as well as range limits. Entering answers is just as simple. Answers are input directly on the device, whether tablet, smartphone, or even a low-feature mobile phone – streamlining data entry, saving time and minimizing costs.

Magpi makes mobile data collection quick and affordable, enabling real-time data communication and improving data quality.



Inspections on the Go

Performing inspections can be a time-consuming chore, especially when the fieldwork is followed by data entry. But Magpi reduces data collection time and eliminates data entry for field inspections in the agriculture, mining, pharmaceutical, environmental, and other industries.

Magpi eliminates paper and gets information to the people who need it — fast! Data and decisions flow faster, increasing productivity and reducing downtime.

There’s a Map For That

solutions-mapointMagpi enables its users to go off the beaten path – even off the grid – and still collect geo-data and other information offline. Mining or agricultural companies can quickly and easily map a prospective worksite and highlight areas of interest. Travel companies can track and improve routes to increase fuel and time efficiency. Even road crews can pinpoint potholes that need to be fixed – whether in the city or in the middle of nowhere. All with the power of Magpi running on a mobile device.



Supply and Demand

With shipments always on the move, being able to pinpoint exactly where an order is at any given time is critical. Whether medical supplies for remote villages in the developing world or packaged goods traveling to a fulfillment warehouse, Magpi improves insight on inventory and shipments, empowering manufacturers and shippers to track goods throughout the entire supply chain. Users enter and upload order information from any mobile device, be it the driver’s own smartphone or a company-issued tablet, to give real-time access to vital data.

Keep Me Posted

Reminders and notifications improve workflow; increase the satisfaction of staff, patients, and customers; and can literally save lives! With Magpi’s unique SMS and audio messaging, anyone can set up broadcast messaging more easily than ever before. Both SMS and audio messages are easy to create via Magpi’s web interface, in any language – with no exorbitant mobile carrier charges.

Health providers can arrange reminders for patients to take their medications, or for children to receive vaccinations. Workers in the field can be advised of a change in plans, or reminded to submit their data. The possibilities are endless, and Magpi dramatically lowers the cost for this incredibly useful, and potentially life-saving, technology.



Knowledge is Power

Magpi transforms basic mobile phones into teaching tools. Not with flashy apps, but with basic data collection. By combining the mobile phones familiar to many – even in developing nations – with intuitive software, Magpi gives teachers and students the best chance to succeed.

Magpi enables teachers, even in remote areas, to gather and send curriculum information to administrators and parents. Teachers use the app to track students’ attendance and grades on their mobile phones. Administrators analyze the data, which used to take years with paper-based processes, and adjust program material to create better learning environments for students with the help of Magpi’s technology.