Combating Child Labor in Mining


Pact used Magpi in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as part of a program to eliminate the worst practices of child labor in mining by tracing and verifying conflict-free minerals in 208 mines in the Central Katanga region. Within just one week, Pact designed the survey, trained data managers and staff, downloaded the form to phones and conducted the data collection activity – saving thousands of dollars not having to hire local consultants or pay for non-local staff travel. Pact immediately observed three benefits when using Magpi:

  1. local staff overwhelmingly embraced the technology and conducted three times as many surveys as planned
  2. communities welcomed rapid electronic data entry that respected their time
  3. US staff could centrally edit and analyze data

Read Pact’s report: “Breaking the chain: Child mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo“.



Mobile Data Collection Guide

When it comes to choosing how data collection will be performed in the field, there are several factors to keep in mind – from the type of data you are collecting to the type of data collection technology to level of connectivity available to your teams in the field. Our mobile data collection guide helps you understand the benefits – and avoid the common pitfalls.

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