Running an Ebola Treatment Center

Dr. Selanikio working in the Ebola Treatment Center

Dr. Selanikio in the ETC

In the heat of the Ebola outbreak of 2014-2015 in West Africa, International Medical Corps was running several “ETCs” (Ebola Treatment Centers) in Sierra Leone.  Magpi’s CEO, Dr. Joel Selanikio, was the lead doctor in one of these facilities for a six-week period.  During that time, and with very slow internet access, he used Magpi’s broadcast messaging system to send out automated broadcast messages to keep staff informed of schedule changes, new events, and updates.  Because the system was based on SMS, it worked for every staff member, no matter what type of phone they were using.



Listen to Dr. Selanikio’s audio diary from the ETC

Report: Big Data and Health

We have more data than ever before. Nowhere is this more evident than in the health industry, where big data and the smarter technologies tapping into it are enabling rapid change and helping with outbreak controls, data tracking, and medical research.

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