Two-way Communication with Farmers


In Chile, as in many countries, rural areas are characterized by very low levels of connectivity. This, in combination with low population density and relatively low levels of income for rural inhabitants, make market solutions for rural connectivity very difficult.

Magpi Messaging (previously Mobile Information Platform or MIP) was developed to respond to this information need in rural areas. The platform enables organizations to communicate with any user group via SMS text messaging or voice. Magpi Messaging was developed in close collaboration with a smallholding farmers’ cooperative, Coopeumo, through the DatAgro project in Chile. DatAgro used SMS messaging to provide access to timely and locally relevant information for small-scale agricultural producers to increase productivity levels. Through this two-way communication system, smallholding farmers received information about crop prices, general market information, weather updates, local news and other relevant information from the cooperative.

Magpi iSMS

Magpi’s interactive SMS (iSMS) provides low-cost, high-quality SMS-based data collection from any phone. No app required! iSMS lets you crowdsource data, solicit feedback, or provide guided information.

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