Vaccination Coverage Survey in Sierra Leone


In May 2012, Sierra Leone experienced the the twice-yearly Maternal and Child Health Week (MCHW) integrated vitamin A supplementation and supplementary measles vaccination to reach all children 6–59 months (similar to the Malezi Bora campaigns in Kenya). After the activity, a vaccination coverage survey was undertaken to determine coverage and assess adverse events.

Magpi was used for the field survey data collection over a 5 day period, with 57 surveyors using mobile phones and 13 supervisors trained on support and quality assurance of the these surveyors.

“MCHW successfully provided 1.2 million measles vaccines and vitamin A supplements to children, reaching over 90% of eligible children.”

Download the full report here.

LQAS Monitoring Report

Monitoring the quality of supplementary immunization activities (SIAs) is a key tool for polio eradication. Regular monitoring data, however, are often unreliable. To address this challenge, the World Health Organization introduced lot quality assurance sampling (LQAS) as an additional tool to monitor SIA quality.

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