Widening Access to Life-saving Medicines


Magpi is implemented by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Nigeria country office in their supply chain management program to build and widen access to contraceptives and life-saving medicines for maternal health.

Magpi also provided technical assistance to the  UNFPA Sierra Leone country office in developing data collection, analysis, and communications systems to reduce maternal mortality.

“A testimony to the excellent support the Magpi team continues to provide users in our over-arching goal to improve the quality of life, through the availability of timely quality data for planning and decision making.”

– Gabriel I., UNFPA


Read more at the websites for UNFPA Nigeria and UNFPA Sierra Leone.


Taking the Paper Out of Paperwork

Anywhere paper-based data collection forms are needed - from field research to construction sites to field inspections of equipment - Magpi takes the paper (and a lot of the work) out of paperwork.

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