DataDyne is now Magpi – and better than ever

You’ve probably noticed a big change around here. That’s right, it’s official: we have taken the plunge and formally reintroduced ourselves as Magpi. We’re still the same team, but consolidated under the Magpi name. We’re excited to announce this shift in identity as well as a brand new version of our mobile data collection and mobile messaging technology as we strive to better serve our customers across the globe.

To add to the list of tremendous advancements as of late, we announced today new features now available through Magpi 2.0, the next generation of our mobile application suite. With all of the great work that Magpi is being used for across the globe, we’re thrilled to offer our users brand new features that are taking mobile data capture and mass messaging to the next level.

For starters, Magpi 2.0 has improved send/receive protocols to ensure users experience better performance, even over slow networks. Other new mobile features include:

  • Auto-update: form changes automatically sync to connected devices in the field – providing huge time savings for administrators
  • Subforms: users now have the ability to easily repeat question groups on forms, whether it’s for multiple household residents being surveyed, for every item in a supply location, or anything else that may require repeated questions, increasing accuracy and efficiency in the field
  • Enter-in List: users now have the option to view, and enter data into, all questions at once – really useful for larger screen devices such as tablet
  • Auto-share: shared forms automatically sync to connected devices in the field

As a part of Magpi 2.0, we have also made improvements to the Web facet of our product suite, including:

  • Dynamic messaging: enables users to schedule broadcast messages in relation to “special dates” like birthdays, appointment dates, due date, etc.
  • Blue labels: when designing forms, labels appear in blue (just like on mobile), which helps a lot in reviewing long forms
  • Import message lists: bulk import messages for broadcasting
  • Track data modifications: improved logging of form and data edits

We here at Magpi continue to be immensely inspired every day by our customers’ work around the world, and are thrilled to be able to provide them an even better mobile data collection and messaging platform. We hope that as our company continues to grow, we make it easier than ever for our customers to innovate and change the world!

Mobile Data Collection Guide

When it comes to choosing how data collection will be performed in the field, there are several factors to keep in mind – from the type of data you are collecting to the type of data collection technology to level of connectivity available to your teams in the field. Our mobile data collection guide helps you understand the benefits – and avoid the common pitfalls.

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