Frequently-asked questions

Common Questions About Magpi

What is Magpi?

Magpi is a cloud-based, off-the-shelf mobile application that provides for three main functionalities:

(1) mobile data collection
(2) broadcast messaging
(3) data visualization

The data collection part of Magpi enables users to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively collect forms data on any mobile device. The messaging part lets users create large-scale, broadcast messaging campaigns using SMS/text and voice. The two functionalities can be easily combined, so that incoming data triggers outgoing messages and other actions.

How does it work?

Like most of the software we use nowadays, Magpi is based online. Users simply have to go to www.magpi.com and create a free account to start using Magpi's many functionalities – including mobile forms, SMS data collection, text and audio broadcast messaging, data visualization, etc.

Can data be collected on Magpi if there is no internet connection?

Yes. Data can still be collected using Magpi if an internet connection is not present, and when the connection is re-established the data that was collected can be uploaded. Magpi can also be used with satellite systems to upload data via satellite when cellular connections are unavailable.

What is Magpi used for?

Magpi is used in a variety of industries. It can be used to conduct surveys, collect data, facilitate communication through broadcast messages, track personnel, send emergency alerts, track customer satisfaction, send reminders, and manage supply chain management, to name a few. Click Solutions in the main menu to view more information.

How long has Magpi been around?

Magpi leverages more than 20 years of team experience in the field, creating and deploying mobile form applications since the days of the Palm Pilot. It was released in its current cloud-based form in 2008.

How much does Magpi cost?

Magpi offers four subscription options ranging from Free to an Enterprise plan. All plans include free support and no set up fee. Specific features of each plan can be found at https://home.magpi.com/pricing/. A savings calculator on magpi.com will help determine which plan is best for your particular business or organization’s needs.

How does Magpi save money?

With most technology implementations, the most expensive component is the personnel. With Magpi, almost all users are able to set up the whole system themselves – with having to spend money on programmers or technology consultants. This saves an enormous amount of money.
As an example, a World Bank study concluded that switching from paper-based data collection to Magpi reduced costs by 71%.

Is phone or in-person support available?

Magpi has an excellent and experienced customer support team for all users. Support by email is free for all users, and paid voice/skype support is available at $125/hour. Online or on-the-ground training is also available. Just go to support.magpi.com or email support@magpi.com

If I collect data with Magpi, who owns the data?

As specified in our terms of service, if you collect it, you own it. We assert no ownership or control of the data, and you can remove it at any time

Can I store my data on my own server?

With Magpi you can choose to store your data anywhere you like. Most of our users choose to store it on the Magpi servers, because it is inexpensive, reliable, and automatically backed up. Other users, however, flow data automatically through Magpi to their own servers, or to other cloud systems like Salesforce or SQL Server. It's entirely up to you.

Getting Started

How do I get started?

Choose "Sign Up for Free" at the top of this page to create your Magpi account (it takes less than a minute).

Do users need a subscription to use Magpi?

Yes. A user can sign up for one of four subscription types, ranging from Free to an Enterprise account. Signing up takes less than a minute.

How can I get help with Magpi?

Users needing assistance can choose Support at the top of this page. The Support page has video tutorials and a form to allow users to submit a support ticket. Users can also access our support library at support.magpi.com.


Who uses Magpi?

Magpi users include a wide spectrum of professions around the world including engineers, inspectors, facility managers, surveyors, educators, emergency responders, sales professionals, NGO personnel, medical personnel, and many more. Organizations using Magpi include many US and other government agencies, UN organizations, non-profits, and businesses. See our homepage for a listing (by icon) of many organizations using Magpi.

What industries can benefit from Magpi?

The benefits and value of Magpi apply to a wide range of non-profit organizations and industries including engineering, environmental, healthcare, insurance, law enforcement, international relief organizations, and more.

How many users does Magpi have?

As of July 2016 there are over 60,000 Magpi users in over 170 countries.

How much training is required for Magpi?

Magpi is designed to be as easy as Gmail or Facebook to set up and use. Formal training, both on-site and via web conferencing, is available at additional cost for organizations who request it, and there are video tutorials on magpi.com to demonstrate the features of the application.

Is Magpi designed for ‘tech’ people?

No. Magpi can be used by anyone with the same basic skills used in web-browsing, word-processing and other common tasks.

What mobile platforms work with Magpi?

Magpi is compatible with a very wide range of mobile devices. We have mobile data collection apps for Android and iOS (and even Symbian), while data can be collected on ANY mobile device using our SMS and IVR features.

Is Magpi available in languages other than English?

Yes. Magpi's data collection features can be used in any language and with any alphabet. Magpi’s messaging application allows the user to record and send messages in any language.


How is Magpi data secured?

Magpi uses the most advanced tools and engineering practices available to build and maintain the system, and has a dedicated team making sure that the platform is secure. All user data records are stored securely and backed-up in multiple locations. User logins are protected by many layers of security including password verification. By default, Magpi users cannot see other users' data unless permission is given.

Is Magpi "HIPAA compliant"?

A piece of software cannot be "HIPAA compliant" (if someone tells you that theirs is, they don't understand HIPAA), but it can be compatible with a HIPAA-compliant overall system. HIPAA compliance requires technological, administrative, and physical security measures on the part of both the service provider (in this case, Magpi) and the user organization, and Magpi can easily be configured to fulfill all tech requirements of the HIPAA regulations.

What if a device with the Magpi application is lost or stolen?

If a mobile device such as a phone or tablet that carries the Magpi app is lost or stolen, the data on it is protected by password. In addition, we strongly recommend using the built-in encryption provided with iOS and Android devices.