Five Great Features of Magpi Enterprise

Five great features of Magpi Enterprise

Magpi Enterprise accounts reduce the cost of large-scale, complex data collection activities, whether for a single project or across an entire organization. At the same time, they add many unique capabilities for analysis, reporting, and messaging. In this deep dive, we’ll discuss how Magpi enterprise management features make it easier to manage numerous Magpi activities within large organizations. We’ll also talk about the unique reporting, collection, and messaging capabilities in each Magpi Enterprise account:

  1. Zapier integration – easily connect your Magpi data to other systems without programming
  2. Sub-accounts – formalize sharing and collaboration between organizational Magpi users
  3. Unlimited reporting – easily create shareable, secure online dashboards and reports
  4. Crowdsourcing – allow the public to initiate the data conversation
  5. Audio messaging – any language, any accent, any phone


1 – Data integration without programming

In our last Magpi Deep Dive we talked about how to use Zapier to easily integrate your Magpi data, without programming, with hundreds of useful tools – from Salesforce to Google Sheets.   This means using Magpi data flow to trigger everything from reminders to messages, from calendar events to data backups and reports.  Read more.

2 – Sub-accounts: easy enterprise management

When Magpi was born, almost 15 years ago, the focus was on single field surveys.

Magpi 2003

Magpi 2003


Now Magpi is used for much more: from continuous collection of safety data, to supply chain management, to beneficiary tracking.  And many long-time users of Magpi like the International Federation of the Red Cross are managing many different Magpi-assisted activities at once.

Magpi 2016
Magpi 2016

Our larger user organizations, like IFRC, need Magpi to recognize that their diverse activities are often connected. This need prompted the creation of Magpi “sub-accounts”.

Any Magpi enterprise user (e.g. the department head of Org A) can invite other Magpi users (e.g. the team leaders at Org A), to be Magpi sub-accounts.  The invited accounts will receive an email invitation, and if they accept, three new arrangements will take effect:

  1. The Enterprise account sees: any form created by the sub-account will be automatically shared with the Enterprise account
  2. The Enterprise account pays: any data collection or messaging by the sub-account will preferentially draw down on the credits from the Enterprise account
  3. The Enterprise account suggests: any form tagged as “example” by the Enterprise account will automatically appear in sub-accounts for them to use as templates if they wish

The sub-account can decline the invitation, or later to rescind it.  But if they accept, it means that billing can be centralized, template forms can be shared and promulgated with partners, and the Enterprise account can keep track of all the activity of sub-accounts.

To make it even easier to coordinate, Magpi Enterprise users have highly-granular control over user access to forms.

Read more about sub-accounts.

3 – Unlimited real-time reporting

Earlier this year, Magpi released our new Magpi Reports capabilities, allowing Pro and Enterprise users access to completely customizable, secure, real-time data reporting and visualization tools.   Our Pro users are limited to a single such report for each form they create, but Enterprise users are not: they can create as many beautiful, responsive reports as they like.

And Enterprise users can also, uniquely, combine the data from more than one form into a single report. And as always, no programming is needed.

Read more about Magpi Reports.

4 – Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing means “collection of information from a large group of unconnected people, rather than from employees, beneficiaries, or other known groups.”  We’ve all seen crowdsourcing in action:

  • SMS polling to determine the winner of TV talent shows
  • police “tip lines” to allow the public to report suspicious activity
  • information services that let you find out more information by text
  • and many, many other examples

Any paid Magpi user can save money by using our interactive SMS (iSMS) feature to collect complex data by text (dramatically cheaper than sending data collectors into the field) – but only Enterprise users can crowdsource. This means that other users need to invite respondents to send in information, and therefore they need to know respondents in advance.  Enterprise users can invite responses, or they can create keyword-based crowdsourcing systems to let anyone respond.

Here’s one example, in which a sign at the Dept. of Motor Vehicles prompts people in the waiting room to send feedback by texting a keyword to a specified number:

DMV crowdsourcing example

Read more about SMS data collection and crowdsourcing.

5 – Audio messaging in any language

Magpi users can all send timed SMS messages to groups of customers, beneficiaries, staff, or patients, and Magpi Pro users can also send text-to-speech messages in any of 15 languages (this is where the Magpi user types a message which goes out as a phone call: when the recipient answers, Magpi reads the message out).  But for languages not supported by text-to-speech, Magpi Enterprise users can record audio messages in any language or accent.

These audio messages are perfect for reaching less-literate audiences, and for increasing impact with messages by key personnel.  Need audio messages in Kiswahili? Magpi does that.  Want a local soccer hero to promote participation in your program? Magpi does that, too.

Read more about Magpi text and audio messaging.

More to come

As you can see, Magpi’s Enterprise accounts not only provide a unique set of features for data collection and messaging, but they also provide enterprise management tools to coordinate a wide variety of data collection, messaging, and reporting activities across organizations.  From sub-accounts to audio messaging to unlimited reporting, the “Enterprise advantage” makes sense for many organizations.

As 2016 rolls to an end, and into 2017, we’ll be adding more amazing features to Magpi (like mobile payments!), including some Enterprise exclusives, so stay tuned!

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