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Magpi lets you get up and running in minutes

Experience the Full Benefits of Mobile Data Collection

Get Real-Time Data

Use real-time data for real-time understanding, decision making, and response, including signatures, QR codes, and NFC

Improved Data Quality

Eliminate accidental errors introduced while entering data collected from paper forms with required questions, logical branching, and more

Save Time, Money, and the Planet

Experience dramatic cost and time savings by eliminating wasteful paper data collection while experiencing real-time reporting and analysis

Built-in Text and Voice Messaging

Keep team members on track with reminders, confirmations for submitted data, and more — via email, text, or voice

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How It Works

Magpi makes mobile data collection super-easy! Just set up a free account, create a form with the user friendly interface, download our brand new Magpi Plus mobile app, and start collection field data.

Or use our SMS or IVR (interactive voice response) data collection options, which enable mobile data collection from any phone (not just smartphones), no app needed!

Step 1

Create a free Magpi Account

Create Free Account

Step 2

Create a form inside your new Magpi account

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Step 3

Download the Magpi App – or use our SMS or IVR data collection options.

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Learn about SMS options

Learn about IVR options

Step 4

Sign into on your smartphone and start collecting data

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