Magpi: “a sexy tool that works”

Magpi users at Pact International have posted a great piece on their use of Magpi in Vietnam.  They noted that using Magpi “means staff across all offices have faster access to data. It allows staff to provide real-time analysis and decision-making, reducing the need for multiple trips to sometimes hard-to-reach locations . . . [and] reducing the opportunity for errors and omissions from data entry mistakes or poor handwriting.”  Magpi is, according to Pact, “a sexy tool that works” (and we agree!).

Read more at this link.

Mobile Data Collection Guide

When it comes to choosing how data collection will be performed in the field, there are several factors to keep in mind – from the type of data you are collecting to the type of data collection technology to level of connectivity available to your teams in the field. Our mobile data collection guide helps you understand the benefits – and avoid the common pitfalls.

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