Deep Dive: Advanced Features of Magpi

So You Think You Know Magpi

Magpi’s been around for a long time – longer than any other mobile data system on the web – so there’s an enormous installed base of folks out there who have used Magpi for mobile data collection.  But over the years we’ve added a lot of advanced features to let people get even more out of our software.  In this post, we’ll take a “Magpi Deep Dive” and touch on some of the features you may have overlooked.


If you’re doing more than one activity with Magpi, you’re going to find Groups an invaluable organizational feature – and one that’s super-easy to use.

If you add the phone numbers or login email addresses for the people you’re working with, you can assign them to groups, and then share forms (or schedule messages) to the group in one move.  This way you don’t have to enter all the email addresses, for example.

To create a group, you just go to your contact page and select the people you want to include in a group. Then type the group name into the Groups box.  If that group exists, the selected people will be added to it.  If not, the group will be created and the people will be added to it.


adding groups to Magpi

And the Groups feature is available to all Magpi users, from Free to Enterprise.  Read more about Groups at our support site.


Another great feature that only recently came out is the Magpi Respond feature.   This lets you send SMS messages out in response to incoming data – and like our Groups feature, this is available even to Magpi users with a basic, free subscription (but every user will need to pay for the SMS messages; usually 1-2 US cents per).  Definitely worth including in our “deep dive”!

With Respond, it’s very easy to, for example, alert a supervisor if an important event is reported.  If you’ve got teams inspecting facilities, you might want the supervisor to know if any element of the inspection failed.

Here’s an example of the Design tab for an OSHA inspection form for PPE (personal protective equipment) where each question is a Yes/No “radio button” multiple choice question:

OSHA PPE inspection form


And here is the Respond tab for the same form, showing that if question 6, about the use of safety glasses, is answered “no” then the group called “supervisors” is alerted by SMS:

PPE form Respond tab

Read more about Respond at our support site.

More Deep Dives to Come

We hope this deep dive has been helpful.  In the near future, we’ll take you on more Magpi deep dives to make sure you know about all the powerful features of this great software.

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