Magpi Expands into Energy Industry by Helping Streamline Production Data Collection

WestSide Corporation saves time and money, and improves gas well data accuracy and availability by using Magpi to gather production data at field sites.

WASHINGTON, D.C., March 19, 2015 – In Australia, WestSide Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Landbridge Group Co. Ltd (a company incorporated in China), operates 200 km2 Meridian Gas Field. Only the more recent gas wells in this field are equipped with industry-standard data telemetry. The remaining 70%, some 55 wells in total, require daily site visits by operators in order to collect production data and check that pumps are operating properly.

Prior to adopting Magpi as part of the daily data collection routine, the hand-written data records were keyed centrally at the head office in Brisbane.

As Patrick O’Hanlon, Westside’s Production Engineer responsible for data collection, explained, “previously the data went through a three stage input process, often with a significant lag time of a week or two, before the data ended up in the production database. The process was labour intensive and prone to keying errors.”

“Now, with our operators using the Magpi app at the wellsite, the data is visible as soon as has been collected. We then automatically batch-load to our database from the Magpi system overnight, at the same time as we load the telemetry data. The overall saving in staff time has been significant, and data accuracy and availability has improved at the same time.”

When WestSide first trialled the Magpi solution, some operator usability limitations stalled its roll out. The Magpi development team worked on a solution, releasing an upgraded app to Westside, with the new capability leading to a smooth operational roll-out.

Joel Selanikio, Magpi’s CEO, added “The changes that WestSide requested proved to be quite a challenge when we got into them, but we knew the request would benefit many of our clients, so we persevered, and were finally able to deliver the required functionality.”

“Being responsive to clients’ needs is a core value in our organisation. We are delighted to see Magpi being applied to WestSide’s energy industry legacy data collection challenge. It further confirms the cross-sector applicability of the Magpi system – beyond its original global health application area. Magpi is truly sector agnostic and now being used in diverse industry areas: from education and agriculture to micro-financing and supply chain management.”

About Magpi
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