Magpi Making Headlines

Oct 20, 2014

As we begin another week, news headlines surrounding Magpi’s mobile technology seem to be jumping off the page. Magpi is being recognized as a leader in mobile data collection by networks like Fox Business and CTV (Canada’s number one private broadcaster), as well as publications including U.S. News and World Report, The Washington Post, Voice of America, National Geographic and Politico.

Of current concern to West Africans and Americans alike, of course, has been the recent and rapid spread of Ebola. Though nothing is certain in outbreak situations such as this, mobile technologies like Magpi are able to assist with field data collection that could ultimately help to contain the disease. As Dr. Joel Selanikio, Magpi CEO and former outbreak investigator with the CDC noted on Fox Business, Magpi allows healthcare officials studying Ebola in the field to replace paper forms with rapid, efficient mobile data collection for better results. As mentioned in Politico, the International Rescue Committee is already using Magpi to do a village-by-village survey of Ebola cases in Sierra Leone. By employing Magpi, villagers with $4 cell phones have the ability to send SMS texts with information about cases that can be visible to anyone with access, anywhere in the world.

Although the anxiety and fear behind the disease has been enormous, heightened even more after the first confirmed cases in Texas, Dr. Selanikio told Fox and The Washington Post, he’s not worried that the disease will become a widespread outbreak in the US. He notes that Ebola is actually a rather difficult disease to catch, but one that needs to be properly contained nonetheless. Joel’s comments have been picked up by media publications across the country including American Press, The Latino Post, and the Portland Press Herald.

Magpi’s use in the containment of Ebola has also been featured in Forbes, CCTV, Bisnow and more. To keep up with the ongoing coverage surrounding Magpi, Ebola, and the growing need for mobile data collection, check our media room.

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