New Mapping and Geo-Data Options in Magpi

Moving ahead with mapping in Magpi

Mapping is an incredibly useful feature for any mobile data collection application, and Magpi has had basic mapping for years. As many of our users also know, we’ve just released a brand new version of Magpi — one with so many new features that we’ve named it Magpi Plus (or Magpi+) — and one great addition to the software is the ability to track your data collection activities with an on-screen map:

magpi plus geodata

Acquisition and display of geodata in Magpi Plus


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We’ve also added some compelling new mapping features to our Magpi Reports , including heatmaps (developed via an ongoing collaboration with the Women’s Refugee Commission and is now an integral feature in the WRC I’m Here Real-time Monitoring Tool & Analysis Dashboard).

Showing data records as points or heatmap with the Map Records report element

We’ve always had the ability to display a map with points for each place that a form was filled, using the “Map Records” element in Magpi Reports:

Map data records as points

but now we’ve added the option to display that same data as a heatmap, rather than data points.  This means that areas with more data points will appear more intense/red:

map records as heatmap

Showing question responses as color-coded points or heatmap with the Map Responses report element

Analogously to the Map Records information above, Magpi has had the ability to show the responses to a multiple choice question as color-coded pins for several years:

Map Responses as pins

and now we’ve added a second way to view the same information, as a heatmap which applies different intensity depending on the responses to the question:

map responses as heatmap

A whole new world of maps

We know these enhancements will help our thousands of users around the globe to more easily get their field data, create even more compelling visualizations, and better display their work to the world.  And as always, we’ll be moving forward both to add even better map options, and mobile forms capability, but also to further improve the Magpi experience with big improvements aimed at our web application.  Stay tuned!

Read more about Magpi and mapping at our support site

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