10 Tips to Build Effective M&E Systems

A new monitoring and evaluation (M&E) guide published by Ai Solutions describes 10 tips to help program managers, M&E officers, and systems developers understand what constitutes an effective M&E data management system, and how to avoid common mistakes.

Here’s an excerpt from tip #7 on data reports:

The M&E data management system should at a minimum allow the user to mix- and-match, in other words, provide the option to select single or combination of criteria to generate a report. Many systems only generate reports based on pre-defined parameters, without the option for the selection of any other parameters outside those already defined. This can seriously limit the “range” of the M&E system and deny the end user the opportunity to view the data from a number of perspectives.

Magpi features several visualizations into its Reports system and easily connects to other great data visualization tools, allowing users to create and combine reports to slice and dice their data as they best see fit — often in a few click and with no programming required. That’s flexibility that saves time and money.


We’ll be adding even more data visualizations in our upcoming new web application. Stay tuned!

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