Mobile Forms: An Essential Tool in Florida’s Hurricane Response

The City of Tallahassee Utilities is using Magpi as a tool for data collection during electric restoration efforts.

During a hurricane restoration event, the utility sends out teams to identify damage to the system and write-up material tickets for each outage location. Using a damage identification ticketing effort form, Magpi is a simple way to communicate the information back to office staff who will produce work packets, create emergency locates tickets (for locations that require digging), coordinate with joint-users, and provide management information about the damage sustained.

Late in an electric restoration, the outages that remain are small (often individual) service outages scattered across the system. At that point, the utility transitions to an individual outage form that allows teams to “bird-dog” these outages and update the outage management system (OMS).

How Power is Restored

How Power is Restored / Image credit: City of Tallahassee Utilities

After the restoration is complete, analysts spend a lot of time compiling the information FEMA requires for disaster reimbursement. Having the ticketing, locations, and time stamps in this format helps greatly in this process.

As a result of planning storm responses using Magpi, the substation group requested that yet another form be created for the weekly readings that they record at each substation. In addition, a hazards form was created for the linemen to report hazards they come across such as problem dogs, yellow jackets, access issues, a location where a vehicle became stuck, customers who may require extra communication before work can be performed, etc.

Because security of the data and stability of a data collection app are paramount to the City of Tallahassee, Magpi has been a key part of their response implementation.

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