New Magpi Plus Adds Accessibility Options

New accessibility features help ALL our users use Magpi to the fullest

We’re pleased to announce that our new Magpi Plus, which is currently in testing and will be released very soon, is now fully compatible with accessibility features for both Android and iOS — for greater convenience and functionality for all users, particularly those with vision special needs, or with difficulties in reading.

Say it (out) loud, say it proud

As one example, vision-impaired users, or those with dyslexia or other special needs, can now utilize Apple’s “VoiceOver” technology (learn how to activate VoiceOver) or Android’s “TalkBack” (learn how to activate TalkBack) to read any button or text on their Magpi screens just by tapping on it. This includes the text of any question or option in a Magpi form.

For our Magpi users working in a multicultural environment, this means that your data collectors can choose to have the questions read to the respondent, rather than reading it themselves.

Different font sizes for different users

Magpi will also now take note if the user has specified larger font sizes in their device system settings (learn how for iOS | learn how for Android).  Here we can see the same form displayed on an iPad Mini with default font size, at the left, and then with larger font size, on the right:

iPad mini text scaling


and the same works on Android tablets, Android phones, and even the new iPhone X:

iPhone X scaling

We’re incredibly happy to be able to extend Magpi’s mobile data collection capabilities to our colleagues with hearing and vision needs, and we’ll keep working to make sure Magpi stays accessible to all.


Read more about Magpi Plus.

Read more about Apple iOS accessibility features.

Read more about Google Android accessibility features.

Donate to American Foundation for the Blind.

Donate to the Helen Keller Foundation.


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