New Magpi Look: Faster, Simpler, More Responsive

Starting today, there’s a whole new look for Magpi’s web application! We’ve taken feedback from users and made the Magpi site faster and easier to navigate, and eliminated a lot of the clutter of the old version.


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Responsive Design

The new Magpi look is also a “responsive” web design, which means that it will display well even on a smaller screen, like a tablet – because a lot of our users have told us they want to be able to easily design forms, review data, etc, on their tablets or even their phones.

The design is now smart enough that if you switch your tablet to portrait, the screen elements will adjust, to show the right-hand graphs and data collector list below the form list (since there’s no room on the right).

Magpi Responsive Web Design

We’ve added other changes, too, based on user feedback and designed to improve workflow and eliminate unnecessary clicks.  On our form design screen, for example, we’ve gotten rid of the old floating toolbar:

old Magpi toolbar

and replaced it with a command bar that keeps the same commands visible all the time, right at the top of the screen:

new Magpi form toolbar

These changes make Magpi look nicer, but will also save you time and effort as you design forms, view data, send messages, and do your other Magpi tasks.

More Magpi goodness on the way

The visible changes to our web app match some major behind-the-scenes changes to Magpi, including moving to faster noSQL databases and JSON APIs. Our ability to address problems in our code has gotten much faster, too, with the addition of good like New Relic and to our toolkit. And we’ll be rolling out new user interfaces for our iOS and Android apps, too, in coming months.

So stay tuned.  And let us know what you think of the new Magpi look!

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