New Single Question View

New single question view (SQV) saves memory

Two years ago, we introduced our new Magpi+ mobile app.  Magpi+ added QR codes, RFID/NRC, signatures — and a scrolling list of questions in place of the older, one-question-at-a-time “single question view”.

two interfaces for Magpi+: scrolling list and single question view

Users have told us they loved this approach — including the two-column view available for tablets. One advantage: it let them take advantage of the greater memory and speed and screen space on modern devices.

Some users, though — who were using lower-end devices, or had particularly memory-intensive forms (the more questions, options, and logic a form has, the more memory it needs) — told us really wanted a modern version of the classic Magpi app, with its single-question-at-a-time approach (viewing a single question at a time uses less memory).

Well, we listened, and now Magpi+ users have a choice of which interface to use:

1 – scrolling list view — the default (and up to now the only) interface in Magpi+

2 – single question view (SQV) — similar to the classic Magpi interface, and requires less memory than the default scrolling view, so better for low-end devices and long or complex forms.


Pop-Up Question List to Quickly Navigate to Another Part of the Form

When using the standard scrolling-list view, it’s easy to navigate “up and down” through your form.  As we designed the new single question view, we realized that SQV users would need a quick way to navigate forms in that mode, too.  So SQV users can tap the question text to pull up a quick scrolling “jump-to” list showing them all the non-skipped questions in their form (if questions are hidden to them because of previously-entered answers, they will be hidden in the jump-to popup window, too).

pop-up question list


How do I try out the new interface?

Improves performance with low-end, low-memory devices, or with longer, and more complex forms. 

To switch to the new SQV, just go into the mobile app settings and turn off the scrolling list under Question Options.  That will put show you one question at-a-time until you return to the settings and turn scrolling on again.


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