Sub-Accounts: Enterprise Management Comes to Magpi

A New Tool for Management

We’re very pleased to announce another great enhancement to Magpi, this time for our Enterprise users: Magpi sub-accounts.

This new feature recognizes that many organizations have multiple units using different Magpi accounts, and want to be able to manage those accounts centrally.   The umbrella account feature lets one Enterprise account manage and coordinate an unlimited number of sub-accounts – sharing forms, data, and credits.

Any Magpi Enterprise account can invite other Magpi accounts to be their “sub-accounts” (an Enterprise account with sub-accounts is called the “umbrella” account for those sub-accounts).


Auto-Sharing of Forms: See What Your Team is Doing

All forms created by sub-accounts are automatically shared with the umbrella account, allowing the central account to see what is going on with all the sub-accounts.


Templates: Share Great Forms Automatically

The umbrella account can designate certain forms as templates, and these forms will automatically be shown on each sub-account’s form dashboard.  This helps the central organization foster standardization of forms (the sub-accounts can save a copy of the template and modify it as they like), and decrease the work required for sub-accounts to create all their own forms.


Centralized Credits: All Your Credits, All in One Place

All uploads by the sub-accounts count against the upload credit balance of the umbrella account (that is, the umbrella account pays for data collection by the sub-accounts).  And it’s the same for messages: all messages sent by the sub-accounts count against the message credit balance of the umbrella account.  This allows an organization to centralize billing for ongoing data collection and messaging, and the sub-accounts don’t need to worry about running out of credits in the middle of an activity.


Thanks to Our Users for the Idea

The idea of the umbrella/subaccount approach (like so much of Magpi) comes from many discussions we’ve had with our users over the years, at the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent especially, and of course we’ll use feedback from you and our other users to refine the concept and make it even more useful.  Keep that feedback coming!

Learn more about umbrella and sub-accounts.

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