New Magpi Website Highlights Users, Helps You Get Started Faster

The Long and Mobile Road

We’ve come a long way since our first website:

first datadyne website

Back then, our Magpi data collection product was called “EpiSurveyor” because it was designed to help with epidemiological surveys – specifically with vaccination coverage surveys for the Measles Initiative.

We never imagined that EpiSurveyor would be used for anything other than health and epidemiology, and certainly not for energy exploration, election monitoring, environmental conservation, or supply chain management.  We did not realize that many different sectors had similar needs for mobile data collection – and messaging.

Once we moved EpiSurveyor/Magpi to the web (as the very first cloud-based application for global health and international development) and initiated our free/pro/enterprise “freemium” pricing model, it allowed anyone to experience the benefits of our mobile data collection system – and the floodgates opened.

Our New Magpi Website Highlights Real Users Across Sectors and Regions

Over nearly ten years Magpi has been an online pioneer. While our prices have stayed the same, we’ve gained users across every region of the world, and across multiple sectors. Our latest website, released today, is designed to share those successes with you, no matter what sector or region, and to let you find the information you need quickly and easily.

From our long-time users like the Kenya Ministry of Health and UNICEF

Kenya example on new Magpi website

to more recent commercial users like WestSide, a natural gas exploration company

Energy example on new Magpi website

and human rights advocates like Physicians for Human Rights

Human rights example on new Magpi website

our latest website is designed to make it easier for you to find great solutions, examples, and case studies to help you make your mobile workforce more effective.

Tools to Get Started Faster

And once you realize how Magpi can make you more cost- and time-efficient, our Getting Started page shows you the simple steps to take to move forward – whether with data collection, mobile messaging, or even our upcoming data visualization and reporting tools (coming very soon!):

New Magpi website makes getting started easier
We’re glad you’re checking out the new site.  Tell us what you think!

Taking the Paper Out of Paperwork

Anywhere paper-based data collection forms are needed - from field research to construction sites to field inspections of equipment - Magpi takes the paper (and a lot of the work) out of paperwork.

Download Paper, Paper Everywhere?