New Multi-Column Tablet View

Make Better Use of Big-Screen Devices

We’re very pleased to announce a new version of Magpi Plus that lets you take better advantage of large-screen mobile data collection devices like tablets.   We’ve known for quite a while that more and more of our users are utilizing tablets for data collection, and they have made it clear that they want to make the best use of all that “screen real estate”.

The existing Magpi Plus app, like most mobile data collection apps, uses a single column view.  With the new version, that will still be the case on phones, but on tablets you’ll see a view like the one below: labels span the screen, but other questions display in two columns.  Questions are displayed Left-to-Right, and Top-to-Bottom.

Happy data collection!

Big Data and Business

With the rapid increase in connectivity in the global population, we have more data than ever before. This data, when properly harnessed allows industries to make smarter, more efficient, profitable, and at times life saving decisions.

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