No matter what kind of work you do, or where you do it, Magpi can help

From urban renewal in Colorado to wildlife management in Uganda, Magpi provides easy and low-cost tools for large and small organizations around the world.

Honoring U.S. Veterans

Boy Scout Troop 55 in New Orleans, Louisiana used Magpi in their project to create a database of U.S. veteran headstones and graves to be cleaned and rehabilitated at Holt cemetery. Holt is… Honoring U.S. Veterans

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Advancing Environmental Education Projects

Groundwork Denver uses Magpi to support some 38 environmental education projects in the Denver metro area. Armed with Magpi on Android mobile phones, ‘Green Teams’ of 8-11 members capture real-time… Advancing Environmental Education Projects

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Tracking Wildlife Mortality in Uganda

Wildlife mortality can be a early-warning system for human epidemics. “When West Nile virus swept across the New York City region in 1999 and then, in subsequent years, across almost… Tracking Wildlife Mortality in Uganda

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Water Point Mapping in Fiji

In November of 2012, a coalition including WaterAid UK, the Pacific WASH Coalition, and local authorities in Fiji piloted the use of Magpi (then called EpiSurveyor) in conjunction with WaterAid’s… Water Point Mapping in Fiji

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Taking the Paper Out of Paperwork

Anywhere paper-based data collection forms are needed - from field research to construction sites to field inspections of equipment - Magpi takes the paper (and a lot of the work) out of paperwork.

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