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Originally developed to support child vaccination campaigns around the world, Magpi is now used for health education, outbreak response, program coordination, monitoring, evaluation, and more.

One long-time user of Magpi, the International Federation of the Red Cross, uses the software to conduct rapid mobile surveys, at low cost, with limited or no external assistance, all over the world. These mobile data collection activities are used to evaluate programs for malaria, measles, water & sanitation, and other threats to life and health around the world, including client satisfaction, program effectiveness, logistics and supply chain issues.

“We were producing preliminary results within 24 hours and a draft report within three days, as opposed to three months with pencils and clipboards.”

– Mac O., IFRC

For more information on RAMP surveys, click here.
To read IFRC’s report on Measuring Impact and Sustainability in WASH projects, click here.

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