How can Magpi's data and messaging tools help you?

If you’ve ever watched American Idol, you’ve seen audience members voting for the best contestant.  This is an example of “crowdsourcing”:  asking for feedback or ideas or votes from a large group of people. Other examples of crowdsourcing:

  • ask customers at a facility to provide feedback on service
  • tell workers to report safety issues
  • allow citizens to report problems in a government office
  • texting in reports of potholes or other issues for government to address

Magpi lets you create simple or complex crowdsourcing polls with SMS that anyone can respond to by texting in a keyword – and you can go from concept to deployment in just minutes.

Read more about iSMS or watch the intro video.

Two-way Communication with Farmers

In Chile, as in many countries, rural areas are characterized by very low levels of connectivity. This, in combination with low population density and relatively low levels of income for… Two-way Communication with Farmers

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Election Monitoring with Mobile

The Coalition on Election Monitoring and Observation in Tanzania (CEMOT) used Magpi to enhance citizens’ engagement in the observation and monitoring of the electoral process in Tanzania, thus providing key insight and… Election Monitoring with Mobile

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Taking the Paper Out of Paperwork

Anywhere paper-based data collection forms are needed - from field research to construction sites to field inspections of equipment - Magpi takes the paper (and a lot of the work) out of paperwork.

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