How can Magpi's data and messaging tools help you?

It’s incredibly easy to create checklists and other field inspection tools in Magpi, making it an indispensable part of your toolkit, no matter where you work. Skip logic, offline entry, automatic updates, photos, GPS stamping – it’s all there.

And easily create integrated workflows – without programming – that feed your critical data into your SQL database, Salesforce account, Google spreadsheet, or almost any other web-accessible system.  Key values can trigger alerts, to-do items, or custom report delivery.

No cell service? No problem: use Magpi built-in integration to the Delorme satellite system to transmit data anytime, from anywhere.

Mobile Nutrition and Child Health Monitoring in Liberia

John Snow, Inc. (JSI) used Magpi mobile data collection for the Liberian Agricultural Upgrading, Nutrition and Child Health (LAUNCH) project, to improve food security of vulnerable people in Liberia. LAUNCH… Mobile Nutrition and Child Health Monitoring in Liberia

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