IVR (Voice Data Collection)

How can Magpi's data and messaging tools help you?

Magpi just released the latest data collection tool in its toolkit: Magpi IVR, or “interactive voice response”, to allow Magpi users to deploy their forms as interactive voice phone calls.  The respondent answers by pressing the phone’s numeric keypad.   For example, “for information about our services, press 1. For information about locations, press 2”.

IVR consent example

Of course, we have all used menu systems like this, but traditionally only large organizations have been able to afford the high cost of deploying an  IVR system. Thankfully, Magpi has managed to make IVR available to all paid Magpi subscriptions, so that it is within reach for all organizations.

The voice component of IVR, and the fact that it works on any phone at all (even the least expensive “dumb” phone) makes it a perfect candidate to collect data from remote populations, illiterate or less-literate populations, or populations in areas with poor security.

IVR information request

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Download the Magpi Remote Data Collection Guide (covering SMS and IVR)

Magpi Support Article: “How to Create and Deploy an IVR Form with Magpi”

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