Mobile Data Collection

How can Magpi's data and messaging tools help you?

For more than a decade, Magpi has been providing secure, cost-effective, and flexible solutions for mobile data collection.  We’ve advanced as the mobile industry has moved forward: from PDAs to basic phones and then smartphones and tablets.

Currently, Magpi provides a wide variety of flexible solutions for mobile data collection, including:

  1. app-based for iOS, Android, and Symbian phones and tablets
  2. SMS-based for use on any phone, no matter how basic
  3. Voice based (IVR) connecting with even illiterate populations

Many organizations have used our app-based systems, because they fit into current workflows, often simply replacing paper-forms-on-clipboard with electronic-forms-on-phone (or tablet) – while providing all the advantages of electronic data collection: automatic data quality checks, instant access to collected data, real-time feedback and visualization, and more.

More recently, organizations are finding that they can collect data directly from staff, customers, or beneficiaries in the field without having to send staff to the field for interviews: data is sent directly from users’ devices.  This can be done using apps on smartphones, but can often be done just as effectively and much less expensively using SMS or IVR. Read more about remote data cApps for data collection can greatly benefit people in rural areas.ollection using SMS and IVR.

Regardless of the method used to acquire the data, Magpi provides a full com
plement of integration and workflow tools to put that data to work.  Need to send an automated SMS or email in response to incoming data? Magpi does it.  Need to forward data to Salesforce, or a MySQL database? Magpi does it.  Need real-time reports and dashboards? Magpi makes that easy, too.

And all without any need to spend money on programmers or tech consultants: everything in Magpi is designed to be simple and accessible, and to require little or no training.

And as more exciting technologies come down the road – from mobile payments to free messaging services – we’ll continue to work to bring it to Magpi, and to you.

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Taking the Paper Out of Paperwork

Anywhere paper-based data collection forms are needed - from field research to construction sites to field inspections of equipment - Magpi takes the paper (and a lot of the work) out of paperwork.

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