Request Support

If you are submitting a support request, it will save time if you provide as much detail as possible. Please provide as much of the following information as is applicable to your issue:

  • the exact problem – Specify EXACTLY what steps you take to produce the problem. The more details, the better. Example: “I log into the Magpi app, then I tap on form XYZ, then I see an error message
  • the model of phone or tablet you are using
  • the version of the Magpi mobile app – this can be found on the settings screen
  • where the Magpi app was obtained — for Android, this is usually Google Play, but sometimes is a direct link. For iOS this is always the iTunes App Store.
  • any specific error messages
  • screen shots showing the problem
  • how many are affected — are all your users having the same problem?
  • when did the problem start – was it working before and stopped working? Or did it never work properly?
  • the name of the form or forms involved
  • share the forms — please share the affected forms with with formAdmin privileges so that we can look at them. To learn how to share forms, see this support article.

Thank you!