Video: Magpi Messaging Webinar

Did you miss our Magpi Messaging webinar, recorded yesterday (December 10, 2013)?  Don’t worry: we recorded it for you (below).

Learn more about the new ultra-low-cost Magpi messaging, which allows you to send messages by:

  1. SMS/text (to mobile phones)
  2. text-to-speech (to mobiles or landlines) – you can type a message and it will go out as a phone call with the computer reading your message aloud. Fluent in Chinese, Spanish, French, Portuguese.
  3. recorded audio (to mobiles or landlines) – you can record an audio message and it will go out as a phone call.

This is the first low-cost system to allow ANY program or organization to send out audio messages, and we’re excited to see what our Magpi users can do with this great new tool!  You can also read more here.